Live at The Bulls Head, Old Room.




We are about to release our latest musical offering, a jam recorded in 2014 before the lads went on tour.

Recorded and mixed by Evert and Merv of 'Moment in Time' Recordings. (Top Geezers) Vol II soon.


Pyschedelic Jazz Rock and 'Soul Jazz'

The Next Gig will be in September between Simple Red tour dates.

Ram Jam or The Bulls Head, watch this space.


The Jammers are a mesmerising mix of Deep Funk - Heavy Blues - Spacey Rock - Power Jazz. These powerful expressive genres are fused together in our own unique style.

The Jammers were formed three years ago when Dave Clayton and Kenji ‘Jammer’ Suzuki had time off from their extensive touring schedule with Mick Hucknall’s Simply Red.

Musical empathy, intuition and sheer joy of music-making is ‘The Jammers’ and as the name suggests, 'Jamming' is the essence of the band. We have been loosely likened to the early electric Miles Davis era, Silent Way and Bitches Brew.

The line up is: David Clayton - the funkiest of keyboards players, Kenji Jammer - a maestro on guitar whose sound world is inspiring, Theo Buckingham - one of the UK’s finest drummers, Mark Buckingham - saxophones and on bass rock solid Tom Higgins.

The Jammers is a coming together of pure musical pleasure and passion, who are creating a loyal and devoted following of music lovers delighting in our musical efforts. 

The musical experience of the band members is too long to mention, but needless to say, it is hugely expansive, global, creative and vibrant.

The Jammers represent a powerful musical journey.

To book the Jammers, please contact honkysax@live.co.uk or 07931845366.


The Musicians

David Clayton - keyboards

Dave came to Simply Red on the Home album. He was a band mem­ber of ABC for three years and has also toured with George Michael, Marc Almond and Jason Donovan to name a few.

He has recor­ded with the likes of U2, Bob Mar­ley, Sinead O’Connor, Depeche Mode, Paul McCart­ney, George Michael/Elton John, The Beloved and Rob­bie Williams.

Wear­ing his pro­du­cer hat he has worked with Take That (Babe), The Human League, Kraft­werk, Les Mck­eown and Lenny Henry. He also has writ­ing cred­its for Sinead O’Connor, Bomb the Bass, Michael Hutchence and ABC. Dave’s per­sonal pro­jects revolve around Pressure Zone.

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Kenji 'Jammer' Suzuki - guitar 

Ever since his deput as a solo rock guitarist in 1983, Kenji's range of activity included studio work with artists such as Bono, Annie Lennox, Seal, Bomb The Bass, Bill Laswell, Jack Bruce, Anton Fier and Simply Red.


Theo Buckingham - drums

 Gorgeous George, the iota group, The Groove Warriors, Buckingham/Donald Quartet and The Buckingham Band. Regular London performer, session player and teacher.

Mark Buckingham- alto saxophone and bass clarinet 

Invovled in many creative musical projects for the past 30 years, namely the iota group, The Groove Warriors, Buckingham/Donald Quartet, The Buckingham Band. Many CDs are available. Published works include Jammin The Blues, Pagannini arr Clarinet and Saxophone, Ravel's String Quartet arr Clarinet Quartet etc. Has had the pleasure of working with London finest musicains for over 30 years.

Tom Higgins - bass

Recent addition to the band. Performs with Gorgeous George.

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