The iota group

the iota group 

Exotic Hips. Ancient Riffs & Bamboo Lips.

Popular for their universal appeal to world music making, The IOTA group are a mesmerising mix of ancient Arabic, Egyptian & Greek scales, fused with modern percussive grooves and soundscapes.

Leading the band in no particular order is Greek virtuoso Oudist/Guitarist, Stephano Tsourlis.... with a mischievous duo of retired hippies, British woodwind Gurus Mark Buckingham and John Egan exchanging outbursts of exotic Clarinets and ancient Bamboo Flutes, add percussion with powerful kit grooves by Theo Buckingham, also a notable D&B producer with  meditative bass grooves.

On piano is Australian Award Film Composer/Pianist, Tom Donald who's piano fusion inventions was featured at Arabic Film festivals from Milan to Dubai, including a feature film on his own musical travels called the 'The Silence Project' documenting his tours through Sicily, Italy and The Middle East. 

IOTA had humble beginnings meeting every week at Clapham Norths, 'Cafe Cairo' building up a diverse grass routes following of cosmopolitan Londoners, since then, they have performed at venues separately and together, spreading the word of musical universality from the middle east to western classical music, from the National Opera Studio, Ronnie Scotts, BBC Asian Network & World Service, Abbey Road Studios, Cold Trance Festival Belgium , Horcynus Film Festival in Sicily, Italy and the Dubai Film Festival, 2011.

With extensively documented gigs, film soundtracks and concerts the IOTA group offer fans and venues the unique chance to explore and discover a fresh direction in modern music.


To book the ensemble, please contact or 07931845366.

CDs avalable from the 'shop'


Search 'Mark Buckingham iota' on itunes for the album.