Mark Buckingham

About me

Alto and Tenor Saxophone

Bb, Eb, Alto, Bass and Contra Bass Clarinets.

Trained clarinettist since 8 years old.

2 years British Army Bandsman (1st Class)

Freelance musician and teacher since 1980, with a purpose built studio in Putney.

Funk, Jazz, Blues, Pop,

Classical Repertoire.

Excellent Reader.

‘Sax Solo’s’ Specialist.

Current bands are,

The Groove Warriors (Funk Classics)

The Jammers

Buckingham/Donald Quartet (Contemporary Jazz)

Iota (World Music)

The Buckingham Blues Band (Soul Jazz)

The Buckingham Trio (Quartet)

MB Big Band (17 piece)

CD releases on itunes include;

1 Anton Stadler’s 3 Caprices and Bach Suites arranged for Solo Clarinet, Vol1 and 2.

2 The Buckingham/Donald Quartet.

3 iota world music ensemble.

Other CD releases include,

The Jammers Live, with Dave Clayton and Kenji Suzuki.

Atonal Studies for Saxophone by Guiseppe Ruggiero.

The Buckingham Blues Band Live at The Floridita.

Sacred Site Improvisations, Vol1-4.

Improvised Clarinet Quartets.

Double Vinyl LP With Simon Yorke, Farrago.

I have spent most of my life playing the saxes and all the clarinets and hope to do so for the rest of it.

I love what I do and endeavour to pass on that joy of music be it as a performer and a teacher to audiences and students.

Whilst at school I was performing in adult 'Big Bands' as a humble 2nd alto and learnt from the many ex professional players involved.

The choice to join the Army as a bandsman after school was not my best decision, but it enabled me to do 7/8 hours practice a day.

As a freelance musician I have performed in all manor of bands as a saxophonist and clarinettist.

Whats Coming,

About to Record a double album of the music of Paul Desmond and Eric Dolphy. It will be available in the digital domain, but also as a pure anologue vinyl LP in two parts. Making plans to record using Revox B77 at 15ips of the compositions of my favorite saxophone players. No digital interference at all.

Offers to help finance it is sorely needed. You will be credited on the album.